Panasonic increases OLED focus with HDR offering

Panasonic 65-in EZ1000/2 OLED TV in living room

Panasonic has used CES 2017 to introduce its first flat TV OLED offering, in a bid to rival LG and Sony for market share.

The differentiating factor of Panasonic’s first flat OLED television, the EZ1000 (EZ1002 in the UK), is its Studio Colour HCX2 processor.

Panasonic states the TV features an Absolute Black Filter for absorbing ambient light and reflections, and claims to offer twice the brightness of other OLED screens – eradicating the issue of magenta tone that can affect some TVs in bright environments.

The company has applied for (but not yet received, according to reports) THX Certification and UHD Premium certification and says the TV supports HDR 10, as well as Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR.

It also offers ISF calibration settings and CALMAN compatibility for installers.

The TV also seems to not offer Dolby Vision support, unlike offerings from Panasonic’s main rivals, LG and Sony – as with its recently announced pair of HD Blu-ray players. It is not yet clear whether a future software update will add this functionality.

The blade-shaped speaker houses 14 speakers developed by record player manufacturer Technics, comprised of two tweeters, four mid-range speakers and eight subwoofers - with a combined power of 80 watts.

A 65-in model of the EZ1000/2 will be released in Europe in Q2 of 2016.