PEAKnx launches next gen of Controlpro touch panel


Home automation manufacturer, PEAKnx has unveiled the latest generation of its Controlpro touch panel with several improvements from its predecessor.

One enhancement includes a thinner exchangeable glass cover with a special coating to optimise the touch behaviour. In addition to this, the touch panel features the latest generation of RAM and an even more powerful processor, increasing its performance further. 

As well as improved hardware, PEAKnx has also upgraded the design to a much slimmer touch panel as well as featuring a full HD display, optimised voice quality and a higher camera resolution. 

The thin front glass panel allows for a new ventilation concept meaning that the entire aluminium frame front is used as a heat sink. “This is a unique cooling system that combines design and functionality,” said Gerald Palmsteiner, COO of PEAKnx. “The technology allowed us to create a powerful touch panel that doesn’t require a fan.” 

The new Controlpro will be delivered with the YOUVI software package, consisting of an IP router, bus monitor, and basic visualisation software allowing homeowners to map the most common room control functions, such as the control blinds, lighting, sockets and heating.

The latest generation of Controlpro will be available from November.