Pixelgen intros long reach THX-certified 4K hybrid cabling

pxlglass THX-certified 4K hybrid cabling product range

Pixelgen Design has announced the launch of a PXLGLASS, a hybrid copper/fibre cabling solution designed to deliver uncompressed 18Gbps across distances of up to 50m.

The Canadian manufacturer’s offering is billed as the first the industry’s first fibre-based long reach THX-certified 4K interconnect solution capable of allowing full-bandwidth 4K to reach capabilities up to 50m.

Pixelgen affirms that the long-range product can deliver 100% uncompressed 4K signals and the full feature-set of HDMI protocol – with its THX certification ensuring 4K formats are delivered without compression.

PXLGLASS incorporates unique copper/fiber hybrid cabling and optical fibres to carry high-speed TMDS signals while exchanging low-speed communication signals such as HDCP 2.2 and CEC 2.0 over copper-based wires.

“Simply put, regardless of the applications length requirement, PXLGLASS is aimed to work as reliably as a 1m cable would,” added Jack MacDougall, CEO and co-founder of Pixelgen.

“THX is excited about what PXLGLASS enables for larger or expansive home theatre space installments,” commented Peter Vasay, SVP of technology operations, THX. “Pixelgen is at the forefront of delivering 4K content across a significant distance, with absolutely zero effect on the picture and sound quality.”

Pixelgen also is launching the PXLDRIVE Max 4K Interconnect System, a complete end-to-end mid-range copper-based cable bundle solution created for 10m and 15m applications.

PXLGLASS will ship from May 4, 2018 onwards. Pre-orders are being taken now.