Roksan introduces Attessa range of audio equipment

Roksan has launched its new Attessa range of audio equipment, consisting of a streaming amplifier, integrated amplifier, turntable, and CD transport.

The Attessa range features a friendly design with ergonomic options, including haptic, multifunction dial, or the comprehensive MaestroUnite control app.

The new Attessa Integrated Amplifier features multiple analogue and digital inputs, the latter routed to a high-performance Burr Brown 24bit/192kHz digital-to-analogue converter, while its analogue inputs include a phono stage for use with a turntable. AptX Bluetooth connectivity is also supported for casting streaming services from a smart device.

Attessa Integrated Amplifier

Adding to the broad array of inputs and high-quality components of the integrated amplifier, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier adds the benefit of BluOS, the powerful multiroom streaming platform. The Attessa Streaming Amplifier is compatible with more than 20 streaming services and can also stream wirelessly to up to 64 zones.

It includes the same suite of digital inputs as the integrated amplifier, all routed to the same high-performance Burr Brown 24bit/192kHz DAC which is compatible with MQA and FLAC file formats and is compatible with high quality turntables. The on-board aptX Bluetooth connectivity ensures stable wireless connectivity. With audio performance delivered by a fully balanced pre-amplifier and a Roksan Caspian-derived toroidal transformer turning out up to 130 watts of power, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier is compatible with most loudspeakers.

Attessa Streaming Amplifier

Recognising the trend for LP and CD collections, Roksan has also introduced the Attessa CD Transport and Attessa Turntable. The disc transport connects via digital coaxial to either Attessa amplifier and transmits the digital audio information from the disc to the high-performance DAC. Using the MaestroUnite app means an Attessa amplifier and Attessa CD transport combine into a single system after set up and the UK-designed custom firmware on board the disc transport ensures error-free, accurate playback.

Attessa CD Transport

Developed and assembled in the UK, the Attessa Turntable comes complete with unipivot tonearm, a high-quality pre-fitted Roksan Dana cartridge and switchable phono stage which makes it compatible with any amplifier. Like the rest of the Attessa range, the turntable is constructed with premium materials. The platter is high-mass weighted glass with a bonded aluminium edge dampener, and the chassis design, with its feet designed to isolate it from external vibration, is directly influenced by Xerxes, Roksan’s very first turntable.

Attessa Turntable

The Attessa Streaming Amplifier (£1,495), Attessa Integrated Amplifier (£995), and Attessa CD Transport (£495) are available in silver or black finishes, while the Attessa Turntable (£995) is offered in a satin white or satin black finish.