Samsung releases 88-in “billion-colour” Q9 TV

Samsung unveils 88-in QLED Q9 television at event
Samsung unveils 88-in QLED "Q9" TV

Is biggest the best? Not always, but this is definitely the motto of some on the hunt for their next TV– and Samsung aim to please them with its latest monster QLED offering, measuring a cool 88 inches.

Samsung’s newest TV offering featuring an 88-in screen has just gone on sale in South Korea and the US – priced at $20,000 (not unreasonable when compared to the likes of C-Seed’s 6-figure “world’s largest 4K TV”).

Just what do get for that $20,000? Well, 4K resolution and HDR support for one, and Samsung also claim its QLED Q9 model has support for the whole DCI colourspace – that’s over billion colours. This boast essentially translates to 100 percent colour volume (over one billion colours) and images showing exactly as intended by the content creators themselves.

Packed into the 88 inches is also built-in WiFi, as well as DTS Premium Sound 5.1 from four speakers and two woofers.

The Samsung Q9 will make its much anticipated European debut next month at IFA 2017, taking place in Berlin from 1 to 6 September, 2017.