Samsung targets millennials with vertical TV

Samsung Vertical
Samsung's 'The Vertical'. Photo: Samsung

Samsung Electronics is focusing on the millennial generation with the announcement of its new concept TV, ‘The Vertical’.

‘The Vertical’ is based around the characteristics of millennials to reflect their taste and lifestyle in the home. Although it has always been encouraged to film video content on smartphones horizontally, a lot of people still film vertically. 

Taking this into account, Samsung Electronics’ vertical TV is based around most mobile content being in vertical form. ‘The Vertical’ can display smartphone content by mirroring the phone using NFC. 

Making it multi-purpose, the TV can be rotated for viewing either vertically or horizontally, providing a normal TV viewing experience as well.

Samsung Vertical 2

Samsung 'The Vertical' can rotate to be horizontal for a normal viewing experience. Photo: Samsung

Equipped with a 4.1-channel, 60-watt high-end speaker, the screen also has great sound performance to play music via online services as well as music stored on a smartphone. 

Like many other TVs announced recently, Samsung Electronics has also considered the look of the display to fit in with the interior décor. When the TV is not in use, it can display photos, a clock, sound walls, etc to compliment the interior décor of the space. 

Extra functions can be accessed and controlled through the artificial intelligence platform, Bixby, using the built-in microphone and remote controls. 

Unfortunately, ‘The Vertical’ will currently only be released in Korea at the end of May. The TV will be priced at 1.9 million won (about $1,630).