Savant expands IP range

Savant IP Audio 1F front view

Savant has announced the launch of its latest AV distribution line for residential and commercial projects.

Home control specialist Savant’s newly developed 4K video over IP switching platform delivers 4K/60 4:4:4 HDR video distribution over IP with zero frame latency, with a centralised 10GbE switch supporting high-bandwidth Ethernet connectivity. The platform can support installations from 2 to 128 zones, or more.

Products in the range include IP Video 4 and 8 input video transmitters and IP Video output receivers available with either fibre or copper.

Savant’s IP Audio lineup is also expanding with the Savant IP Audio 50 (a renamed version of Savant’s Pro Audio 4), the company’s first scalable, wired, all-in-one music solution. A new addition to the line is the Savant IP Audio 125, a higher wattage amplifier/audio distribution system. The IP Audio 125 matches the functionality offered by the IP Audio 50, but with 125 watts per channel. The 125 furthermore features extra control ports for added flexibility.

Savant IP Audio products include built-in streaming, distribution and amplification.

The line comprises of several preamp-level audio inputs and outputs. Suited to new or retrofit applications, IP Audio 8 output and IP Audio 7 input modules allow audio to be distributed to and from remote areas of a property without the need for home run audio cables. Up to 16 Savant IP Audio units can be interconnected using the AVB 802.1 IEEE standard, expanding the range to as many as 96 listening zones for a synchronised, whole-home audio experience.

With all Savant IP Audio systems, users have the potential to control their system straight from the Savant Pro App, Pro Remote, or Touch in-wall control screens.

The Savant IP Audio 125 includes a single stream of Savant Music and also includes AirPlay support.

Savant’s complete line of IP products is shipping now.