Savant lighting control and energy management solutions revealed for the home

Elec Panle View

Savant has introduced an easy to install form factor to give homeowners next generation lighting and energy control in the home.

The two-channel energy reporting modules can control and manage energy for lighting as well as other electrical loads such as household appliances. 

Compactly designed, the new lighting and energy modules are intended to be easy to install into standard electrical panels rather than having large, costly panels. 

AP DimmerSavant’s lighting and energy modules, designed in partnership with sister-company Racepoint Energy, can be used for several individual electrical load applications and are fully compatible with the Savant control ecosystem, creating better smart home functionality and giving homeowners critical energy usage data across all electrical load types throughout the home. 

Integrators have the ability to connect large appliances, outlets, pool pumps and other electrical loads (up to 30 Amps) to the modules. This then sends energy consumption data to the Savant Pro app to deliver complete control of climate, lighting and other electrical loads. 

The Savant system can make automatic adjustments during peak usage times or other electrical events. Homeowners are also able to make real-time adjustments and view power consumption through the Savant Pro app.

“These innovative energy modules create a valuable opportunity for integrators to deliver far more than conventional lighting control,” said Savant CEO Bob Madonna. “Now there is a complete lighting and lighting control ecosystem available from Savant that includes shades, fixtures in partnership with USAI Lighting and a level of control capability and energy management unprecedented in the smart home market.”