Smart leak detector from tech start-up Hero Labs helps prevent water leaks in the home

Water Leak 1
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Hero Labs, a tech start-up company headquartered in London has launched this week with a smart leak defence system, Sonic.

Initially focussing on the high-end residential market, Hero Labs plans to install Sonic into thousands of properties in the UK over the next two years, with the hope to eventually roll out this solution to all homes in the UK.

According to Hero Labs, water leaks waste 800 million litres of water every day just in the UK and often cause more damage than house fires, explosions and burglaries combined. To help combat these issues, Sonic detects, prevents and stops leaks in real time. 

In most cases, Sonic is easily installed under the sink and uses ultrasonic technology to monitor water use and detect anything unusual using AI algorithms. Detecting anything from a slow dripping tap to a burst water pipe, Sonic sends an alert in seconds to the homeowner via the Sonic app and can automatically shut off the water supply to prevent water damage. 

The leak defence system can be installed anywhere including basements or other difficult to access spaces where there is no Wi-Fi signal because its radio technology is able to pass through eight concrete floors. It also does not require wiring due to it being battery-powered. Sonic has an optional Hero Assist service which adds a human-based monitoring centre and 24/7 emergency assistance.

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The creator of this system, Hero Labs, is already in talks with well-known insurance companies in the UK to form partnerships to help prevent home insurance claims due to leaks, the most expensive type of insurance claim in the UK.

Krystian Zajac, who founded Hero Labs in September 2018 and also launched the UK’s first smart home insurer, Neos, said: “Water leaks are a massive issue in the UK, from damaging people’s homes and possessions to destroying the environment, but very little is being done about it. We want to help people eradicate leaks altogether. Our cutting-edge, AI-powered technology is designed to stop water leaks at the source, saving businesses and insurers money on claims, and saving consumers hassle. Sonic is just the tip of the iceberg for us, and we’ll be continually innovating to bring even more solutions to consumers.”

Hamish Neale, the commercial director of Hero Labs, brings over ten years’ experience in smart home technology, most notably from CEDIA. He added: “Anyone who’s experienced a water leak in their property knows the trauma it causes. Being able to turn off your water supply from an app is the kind of futuristic technology that shouldn’t be exclusive to the world’s super rich – we want everyone to be able to protect their property and for customers to trust us to do this. That’s why we’ve developed a neat solution to water leaks from the ground up that is accessible to everyone.”

Sonic will be launched to consumers in Autumn 2019.