Stealth Acoustics to demo invisible audio with LRx85 at CEDIA Expo

Stealth LRX85

At this year’s CEDIA Expo, Stealth Acoustics will be showcasing its LRx85, the latest generation of high-performance invisible speakers.

Available in both passive and active versions, Stealth’s LRx85 allows installers to give their clients the option for high-performance invisible audio for home cinemas, media rooms, and multiroom systems.

To blend into décor, the two-panel system replaces a segment of a flat wall or ceiling with a paintable, non-penetrable flat front speaker system. 

It incorporates five mid-range/high frequency drivers mounted in a unique dual-D’Appolito alignment for improved left/right panoramas and depth of sound stage.

Below the mid/high panel is a separate invisible bass frequency panel with two high-power eight-inch cone woofers behind Stealth’s FidelityGlass flat front radiator. 

Together the two invisible panels create a seamless speaker system covering the full audio spectrum from 35Hz-18kHz. To create realistic movie sound and impactful music reproduction, 100-watt power handling provides robust dynamic range. 

The LRx85 is also available in an active bi-amplified version, the LRx85ACT, which comes complete with a pre-tuned and optimised dual channel Stealth SA2400MKII DSP amplifier to create a single-channel system which can be used as building blocks to create invisible home cinemas from 5.1 to 100-channel plus ATMOS rooms. 

The LRx85 invisible speaker can be demoed on Booth 343 at CEDIA Expo 2019.