SY show Stealth 18G cables at EI Live


At EI Live a few weeks ago, SY showed it recently released Stealth 18G HDMI 2.0V range of cables, one of the slimmest HDMI cables currently on the market.

With a 3.4mm sleeve and 5.6mm head, the Stealth 18G cables are extremely slim and very light, weighing just 13g. The cables are also very flexible with a tension ratio of 22mm. The full metal head caps give the cables superior shielding while also reducing RF emissions. A secure fit is also ensured so the cable cannot be disconnected. 

Delivering 18G transmissions, the cables are specifically designed for HDMI racking. The length of the cables range from 0.3m to 2m and are compatible with 4K HDR, ARC, Ethernet, CEC, Dolby Vision, HDCP 2.2 and HLG. 

The cables can be used in residential and commercial environment for HDMI patching, rack HDMI management and routing, low profile HDMI connectivity solutions, audio/visual, CCTV, IT and gaming installation.