VicStudio VMT Box creates sustainable acoustic solution for home studios

Following the success of the VicStudio Box, Vicoustic has now announced the VicStudio VMT Box, a new sustainable acoustic treatment kit created to maximise the acoustic conditions of a room used for a project studio.

Taking into account health and comfort, Vicoustic has recognised that every home studio has to compromise between the available budget and the ideal case scenario. The new VicStudio VMT Box was developed to improve studio room acoustics using six Flat Panel VMT with VicSpacer Plus for enhanced absorption performance, and four units of Multifuser DC2 for sound diffusion.

The Flat Panel VMT available in this particular kit is a sustainable solution alternative to standard absorbing foams. Vicoustic developed Virtual Material Technology taking into account a holistic approach by fully integrating its acoustic performance with other sustainability goals, such as human health (air quality), human safety (fire), use of recycled materials (VMT is made of VicPET Wool, produced mostly from recycled plastic) and is also recyclable again.

The kit is available in three different finishes, Grey, Black and White, including exclusive VMT patterns inspired by the lines of its flagship product, Wavewood, since its an easily recognisable trademark of Vicoustic and in high demand from the studio community.