Wall-Smart hides Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 AP with new flush mount

Wall-Smart has introduced a new flush mounting solution to integrators, customised to hide the Ruckus R850 Wi-Fi 6 access point in the ceiling.

The new mount allows integrators to deliver their customers high-performance Wi-Fi 6 connectivity without compromising the aesthetics of the home environment. The cover of the Ruckus R850 mount can be painted to match the ceiling surface to make it invisible.

Without the option of a hidden mount, integrators were having to hide the access points in cupboards and behind furniture. However, the new Wall-Smart mount allows the access point to be located in the ceiling where it will provide the strongest, fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi 6 signals for optimal connectivity and a better customer experience.

The mount can be installed in new or existing homes and comes complete with necessary hardware for both. It also incorporates technology to optimise the Wi-Fi performance and is easily accessible for service. The mount has also been designed for installation in any orientation and to ensure proper air ventilation and heat dissipation to protect the access point from overheating.

Although the mount has been custom designed specifically for the R850 wireless access point, it can also accommodate other Ruckus access points, including the R750, R730, R720, R710, R650, R610, R600, R550, R510, R320, and R310.

The new Ruckus R850 flush mount will be debuted at CEDIA Expo in September.

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