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Where’s the home cinema market heading?

A key meeting point between the consumer and pro world, the home cinema sector has arguably never been more exciting. Charlotte Ashley explores what to look forward to in 2019 and beyond.

Should I be selling 8K to my clients?

Lest anyone thing I am a flip-flopper, one of the things that I have done a 180 on during the past year is 8K. I started off the year a bit sceptical and did a mid-course correction a bit later on with a much more positive point of view.

Letter from America: ‘A funny thing happened…’ Notes on Apple’s September 2018 event

Those of a certain age, old enough to remember radio comedies or the early days of television programming, will recall that many of the performers were old Vaudeville stars, or comics often from “B” movies. A common way for those performers to begin would be with a joke that started with “A funny thing happened on the way to the studio…”

Samsung planning 8K QLED TV launch for IFA 2018?

It’s no secret Samsung hopes it can steal some market dominance by joining Sharp in having 8K-ready displays, but we could just be about to see what it’s been working on behind the scenes in South Korea.

Letter from America: To update, or NOT to update? THAT is the question!

Ah, things were so much easier in the “good old days” of analogue and early digital products. You sold them to a client, configured, installed and tested them, and unless something broke down the road you were done until it was time to upgrade. Yes, in these days an upgrade meant taking the existing product out and replacing it with something new.!

Letter from America: 8K update

As regular readers will recall, back in May I wrote about a major shift in my opinion to the future direction of video formats and technologies. Previously, I’d been in the “8K? Why bother, no one will sit close enough to the screen to tell the difference and make the increased cost worthwhile” camp. Suffice to say, I’ve changed my mind.

WWDC 2018: Software rules the roost

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Apple? The iPod? iPhone? Mac? Apple TV? Perhaps for those of us old enough to remember even the old Apple II (I actually had one of those in the form of the Bell&Howell “black Apple”). In reality, as we’ve moved into an app-driven world where “content is king,” Apple is as much a software and services company as it is a purveyor of hardware.

Letter from America: Why I changed my mind on 8K

OK, everyone is occasionally allowed to change their mind about something that they had previously held a strong opinion about …Usually it’s about something along the lines of whether your favourite team will win the championship, which candidate you should support, or even your feelings about a favourite food or colour. Come on, admit it: Is there no one amongst you who has remained constant about everything you have ever expressed a feeling about?

Google speakers add displays

You’ve read about display-equipped smart speakers from Amazon, and more recently about the possibility of a similar product from Facebook. Now, it’s time to add another name to the list: Google.

Does OPPO’s exit spell doom for physical media?

With delivery of audio and video content increasingly taking place via electronic, streaming delivery or download, many have wondered if there will be a future for physical media delivery in general and optical media in general.

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