prototype of samsung the wall (featuring LED technology) on display at show

Samsung’s living room-friendly version of ‘The Wall’ coming...

Samsung certainly created a lot of buzz when it debuted its huge MicroLED “The Wall” display at CES 2018 in Vegas in January – and now, its version for the home is almost ready, at a smaller cost and size than its 146-in predecessor…

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prototype of lg's 65-inch rollable display TV on show at CES 2018

LG presents 65-in rollable TV at CES 2018

Yes, the video footage is real, LG just unveiled a 65-in 4K OLED rollable TV. And it’s much more advanced than the prototypes we have previously seen.


exterior of luxurious smart home with outdoor and indoor lights on

The Smart Home Hub is not dead, but evolving

Smart home technologies are beginning to enjoy their day in the sun, with adoption levels rising across the board. One recent research report from Parks Associates claims that 17% of US broadband households own an Internet-connected entertainment device and a smart home device, with an additional 13% of consumers owning both a connected health device and a smart home device. In ancient history these figures would ignore the inevitable hub required to connect these devices, but that is increasingly no longer the case.

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Samsung present 146-inch 'The Wall' display for home at press conference at CES 2018

Samsung debuts 146-in TV wall for the home

Following on from ‘The Frame’, Samsung has introduced ‘The Wall’ – but hey, for all the brand lacks in product name creativity, it more than makes up for with impressive display tech.

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