side on view of Nordmende converted smart tape player part of MP3 Tapeless Deck Project

Revamped cassette player can play digital music

Cassette players may currently only be of use to hipsters and the nostalgic, but what about if a product combined the sentimental process of tape playing with enjoying digital music?

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Lenovo google assistant-powered smart speaker on display

Google speakers add displays

You’ve read about display-equipped smart speakers from Amazon, and more recently about the possibility of a similar product from Facebook. Now, it’s time to add another name to the list: Google.


headshot of Pierre-Nicolas Cléré, director at Connected Technology

In the Field with Pierre-Nicolas Cléré, director at...

Pierre-Nicolas Cléré of Paris-based integrator Connecting Technology talks to Charlotte Ashley about how the home technology market has evolved over the past 25 years, and how the company continues to enjoy success around the world.

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Philips Hue outdoor light range deployed in home's garden

Philips branches into outdoor lighting

It was no secret that Philips were planning on illuminating the spaces outside of the home, but the range is finally here (although primarily in the US for now).

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