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Mitchell Klein named 2019 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement winner

CEDIA has announced that Mitchell Klein is to be awarded with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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CEDIA celebrates 30th anniversary with grand opening of new...

CEDIA held a grand opening in Indianapolis for its new Global Headquarters on Thursday (28th). The event saw hundreds of CEDIA members, sponsors, volunteers, and founders come together to celebrate the opening and the 30th anniversary of CEDIA.


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Bringing the game home

I’m guessing you’ve at least heard of eSports even if you have never attended an eSports competition. You know, people watching gamers or teams of gamers playing against each other while enormous audiences watch online. Or, eSports matches where many thousands jam arenas to watch the competition live. If you think that is not only a bit bonkers and has little to do with your business, please hold that thought while we set the stage with two interesting venue-based facts.

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