Dave Evans, co-Founder and CTO of Stringify and CEDIA 2017 Keynote

CEDIA reveals opening keynote for CEDIA 2017

CEDIA has announced that that Dave Evans, co-Founder and CTO of Stringify and former chief futurist at CISCO, will deliver the opening keynote at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego this September.

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Sony’s “Crystal CLEDIS” display system on show at event

Letter from America: “Nothing is certain” in the display...

I suspect you’ve heard some variation the saying “The only things certain in this world are death and taxes” – often cited to first be said by Benjamin Franklin, the proof is in its own pudding. Among the things not certain may be who was first to proffer the statement (others such as Christopher Bullock and Edward Ward have also been credited). However, in our modern age, and more specifically in our own industry, there is a twist on that I might offer along the lines of “The only things that are certain (in the consumer electronics/custom installation world) are multiple competing standards or ways to do the same thing and a variety of different branding schemes to market them.

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