In Little Venice, A Mews House Fit for Show

This charming Little Venice Mews House in London underwent a no-expense-spared renovation that included a full Crestron home automation system.

The finished project won its installer, ClearSphere, the Best Lighting System title at the recent Crestron Integration Awards. This was the second project with this client for ClearSphere, having previously installed a Crestron system in their Devon barn conversion in 2010. As the client was now going to have two Crestron systems approximately 200 miles apart, it was a great opportunity to benefit from an intelligently designed Crestron system to link the two properties together, delivering a seamless user interface and greatly enhanced user experience.

Crestron lighting is used throughout the project and environmental control is provided via direct access of under-floor heating, including temperature feedback and integration with the air conditioning system. The Crestron system offers the client full integration of AV, lighting, climate, security and door-entry, all of which are controlled via TSW-750 touchscreens, TSR-302 remotes, and iPads.

The lighting system takes full advantage of Crestron’s dynamic Smart Graphics interface on TSW touchscreens and the iPads. This gives the homeowner control on a room-by-room basis, or by using a floor plan-based overview feature. This allows the lighting, and other features, to be monitored and controlled across the entire property from a single page. The system also makes full use of the SIP-based intercom in the TSW touchscreens. Rooms can be paged by simply clicking on the desired room in the overview page.

IMG_1630Both homes are fitted with centralised Crestron dimming, with control available for either property. This means the clients are able to switch on lights before their arrival and activate outdoor security lights if necessary. The London home has some fantastic lighting features including an ‘apothecary’ in the main entrance hall that showcases their collection of rare antique medicine bottles. The system creates an eye-catching centrepiece, perfectly highlighting this unique collection, made from Uranium-enriched glass, which gives off an eerie glow under the ultraviolet feature lights.

In addition to the lighting control, the home includes an extensive interlinked building management system (BMS). This gives the homeowner the ability to control heating and air-conditioning from both properties, meaning they always arrive at a home that is at the right temperature. The BMS monitors the health of hardware wherever possible, including boilers, pumps and water temperatures. In the event of a fault, warnings are displayed in both properties, meaning the clients are made aware of, and can arrange the resolution of, faults prior to arriving at the property.

Integration of the two access control systems means that touchscreens at both properties respond when either doorbell is pressed. It also allows the clients to receive deliveries when they are not at home; they are able to talk to and see the caller, open vehicle gates and garage doors, then check the delivery has been made via the CCTV cameras, all from afar. They are also able to monitor and set the intruder alarm from any screen, alerting them when it is activated and giving the ability to de-activate the alarm to allow access without having to release the code.

Designing an interlinked system between the new London property and the client’s existing Devon home allowed ClearSphere to come up with a range of features that offer a greatly enhanced user experience. The clients now have a Crestron system that follows them between their homes offering convenience, enhanced security and peace of mind.

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