Small corner of paradise

Mixing Italian design with home automation to create a “pearl of technology and design”. Amy Wallington gets involved.

Set in Naples, this apartment is designed to be a romantic getaway with a sea view for these clients and their children. Aiming to create a “small corner of paradise”, it allows the family an escape. 

Owning multiple properties, many with different automation systems in them, the client is familiar with home automation and had a good idea of what he wanted. Integrator, Ing Dario Nasti of Studio di Ingegneria Nasti, recalls: “The customer wanted a system that would allow him simple and immediate control of everything in the apartment. He was looking for lighting effects, such as being able to vary the colours to create relaxing and romantic environments. He also wanted audio throughout, as well as a good security system.

“The customer really wanted to understand what he was buying and actively participate in the development of the solutions by following my directions. The idea of the system was born while conversing over a coffee in what would become his apartment.”

As the homeowner gained confidence in the technology, the brief expanded. For example, his last addition was to have a video door entry system that he could manage via his smartphone and the IP video surveillance system. 


The most important aspect of this project though was having a modern and captivating building automation system that would merge design and technology. Nasti thinks this has been done successfully: “If I had to give a definition of what has been achieved, I would say that this apartment is a pearl of technology and design. It encloses ease of use and advanced controls in a unique and exciting setting.”

Inside the apartment, there are several keypads and touchscreen interfaces that controls the AV, such as the lighting, heating and audio, as well as creating scenes.  
The automation system used in the luxury apartment is Vantage Control. “For me, this was the only system capable of bringing together all of the customer’s requests, giving the system characteristics of expandability and computing power,” Nasti admits. 

With the property being so small, it can often be difficult to pack in a lot of electronics. However, the integrator didn’t allow size to become an issue. 

Nasti states: “The size of the apartment carried big difficulties but great satisfactions. When almost everything is visible, there is no room for mistakes. The cinema room, which doubles as the living room, was particularly small but it actually worked to our advantage because the small size and ideal furnishing positions allowed me to create a central listening point. KEF was the icing on the cake thanks to its UNI-Q technology. The customer is still amazed at how a system with speakers so small can sound so good.” 


Storage space for the electronics often gets overlooked. However, in this case, they found an easy solution. “We met the need to hide everything by installing electric panels and racks in a dedicated space in the laundry area. It just so happens that it is also central, within reach and with a well-defined, unlimiting space.”

Fulfilling the requirements and exceeding expectations, the customer is able to monitor and control his “small corner of paradise” from anywhere he wants, wherever he wants. Nasti discloses: “The most important part of my job is reading the requests and understanding the expectations. In this project, we have exceeded expectations. I could see it in the customer’s eyes when we activated the cinema room, and he loved the naturalness of using all the functions throughout the apartment.”

Clearly happy with the outcome of the project, the customer has now requested Nasti to integrate the same system into his another one of his properties. 

Tech Spec
Apple TV
Bticino art. 4200 Anti-Intrusion System
Bticino Class 300 WiFi Video Door Entry System
Daikin VRV Climate Control System
Daikin RTD-NET Control Interface
Denon AVR-X2500H 
Ekey Biometric Fingerprint Reader 
Flos Arrangements Round Large
Flos Superloon
InFusion Controller II Lite
KEF KUBE 10b Subwoofer
KEF R8a Speakers 
KEF R2c Speakers
Nuvo Audio Players P100
Nuvo Audio Player Pre-Amplifier P300
Samsung Wisenet IP Cameras
Sony 65-in AF9 MASTER Series OLED 4K HDR Smart TV
Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Blu-ray Player with HDR
Vantage Building Automation System
Vantage Equinox 73 7-in LCD Touchscreen
Vantage Equinox 40 LCD Mini Widgets with Built-In Temperature Sensor
Vantage Equinox 40 LCD Mini Widgets
Vantage Classic Keypad Stations
Vantage DMX-DALI Gateway
Vantage Equinox Mobile & Tablet Apps 
Vantage FL-MINI360 Motion Sensors 
WyreStorm EX-35-H2

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