Home cinema perfection with Triad

Snap One looks at how its products have been used in an immersive home cinema project in Croatia.

In the city of Osijek in Croatia, in a family home at the heart of the city, you’ll find a high-end home cinema gem – an immersive, professionally engineered acoustic space by Gold Certified Control4 Partner, Smart Touch. Tailored with care and precision, it’s a movie lover’s dream that meets the exacting standards demanded by its owner.

Completed in 2021, this home cinema project was a long-term ambition for the client, a family man and high-profile entrepreneur. He yearned for a space where he could spend time with his family, enjoy his passion for watching great movies and lose himself in the sound of cinema.

"Our client has an ear for fine audio, so it was important that the sound quality of the cinema met his expectations,” says Goran Mikulic, CEO at Smart Touch. “He originally had another well-known audio brand in mind and wanted its speakers for the cinema. We knew that Triad would be perfect for this project, so our first challenge was to persuade him to experience other options.

"Once we had introduced him to Triad speakers at our showroom, he was so impressed with the performance that he opted to progress with Triad’s in-wall and in-ceiling architectural ranges - which were the ideal choice for this home cinema application.”

Smart Touch worked closely with Snap One right from the planning stages of the project, through to the execution and client aftercare. Snap One supported Smart Touch in optimising the cinema design, ensuring the best Triad speaker locations and amplification, as well as system mapping diagrams for servicing and clear instruction manuals for the family.

Working with a combination of Triad Platinum in-wall, Triad Gold on-wall and Triad Silver in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, paired with Triad Platinum in-room subwoofers and amps placed in a 9.6.4. Dolby Atmos set-up, the sound produced is rich, immersive and intricate. The speakers are hidden from view, built into the fabric of the room. Triad’s engineered, sealed MDF enclosures provide the key to sophisticated acoustics, sound isolation, and effortless playback.

Triad speakers are engineered to deliver a seamless acoustic performance across the whole line, whether the speaker is in-ceiling, on-wall, or in-room. Each speaker can be customised, and the range offers exceptional configuration options to add precision sound to any space, including new construction, retrofit, outdoor, and in this case, invisible. For home cinema projects, Triad offers exceptional surround sound innovation with solutions for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D.

The cinema is integrated with a Control4 automation solution and managed via a touch screen in the space which offers seamlessly integrated operation of the lighting, heating and cooling, as well as the audio-visual system that drives the cinema. Pre-sets provide ease of use for various scenarios, for example the ‘Cinema On’ button perfectly sets the lighting, screen and audio ready for pressing ‘play’ on the movie and turns on the ventilation. There is even a setting for when the cleaners are in – they can simply tap the button and the lighting goes up ready for them to begin work. Every setting is perfectly synchronised to suit the desired use of the room.

The client is also supported with a full aftercare package to ensure the smooth running of his home cinema. Smart Touch can remotely monitor and manage the Control4 solution via OvrC, available free and embedded within the Control4 operating system, providing an additional level of service. The team can view the system, troubleshoot and action any software updates remotely, minimising disruption to the client.  In addition, Smart Touch has also created a bespoke media library for the client, tailored to the taste of the client and his family. This is regularly updated remotely, to ensure the selection is always up to date.

“Our client is incredibly happy with the result and feedback has been positive. The key thing is that we’ve heard very little from him since completion of the project, which tells us that everything is operating perfectly, living up to expectations and the client hasn’t experienced any issues.

"Moreover, we have had friends of this client approaching us to work on their home cinema projects. We’re currently working on two replica projects that feature the same products and spec as this one – both with Triad speakers and Control4 automation. It’s the ultimate formula and our esteemed clients view it as cinema perfection.”

Control4 is a Snap One brand. More information on Snap One can be found at www.snapone.com. Information on Smart Touch is available at https://www.smart-touch.hr/.

Equipment list

Triad OnWall Platinum LCR



Triad InWall Silver/4 Monitor



Triad InCeiling Silver/6 Monitor



Triad OnWall Gold Surround (standard bipole)



Araknis Networks 210 Series Websmart GigabitSwitch with Partial PoE+ - 8 + 2 Rear Ports



NYCE Door/Window Sensor



Triad New Construction Bracket - NCB C (Pair)



Araknis Networks 110 Series Single-WAN GigabitVPN Router with Wi-Fi



Control4 T4 Series 10" Tabletop Touchscreen



Triad Platinum Series In-Room Subwoofer with RackAmp 700 DSP (4-ohm woofer enclosure painted finish)



Triad Standalone In-Room Platinum Sub (4-ohm wooferenclosure painted finish)



Standalone RackAmp 700



Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller, V2



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