DALI PHANTOM M SERIES: Exceptional in-wall sound performance

The DALI PHANTOM M Series is the latest addition to DALI’s PHANTOM range of Custom Install loudspeakers, and has been created for movie and music lovers looking for astonishing sound from a discreet, in-wall speaker solution.

Built on experience from the award-winning DALI PHANTOM S series, the new M series is the next step in DALI’s strategy to design high-quality, easy to install CI products. 

DALI has designed and developed loudspeakers in-house in its factory in Noerager, Denmark since 1983. Offering an exciting range of loudspeakers to suit every taste, DALI speakers are characterised by sublime quality and an engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room. Today, more than one million satisfied customers enjoy their favourite music and movies at home on DALI speakers.

The PHANTOM M series offers two versatile models; the PHANTOM M-250 and PHANTOM M-375. Although different in technologies, both models offer spacious and impressive performance from a very slim cabinet. With integrated sealed back-boxes made with low-loss glass-reinforced ABS, each model delivers best-in-class sound along with quick and easy installation.


Versatile approach
These compact and versatile in-wall speakers are tuned for optimal frequency response, ensuring a coherent and musical experience, all of which offer the spacious DALI signature sound. The M-series will perform exceptionally, whether installed in a stereo or surround setup, and is designed to act as both front, centre or rear channel speakers.

PHANTOM M-250 includes DALI’s patented SMC (Soft Magnetic Composite) technology, lowering distortion to previously unachievable levels, and features two 5¼” wood fibre cone woofers, a 28mm ultra-light soft dome tweeter and two bass ports. All of the drivers are positioned in a symmetrical design, making it well suited for use as both an LCR speaker for home cinema setups, or simply as a pair for stereo use.

The PHANTOM M-375 integrates one larger 7” woofer which employs the full core of SMC technology and DALI’s famous wood fibre cone material, a hybrid tweeter module with both Ribbon and Soft Dome tweeters and two passive radiators. The passive radiators support the woofer to deliver tight and impressive bass weight, whilst the hybrid tweeter system adds articulate and well balanced treble.

Both models have the same cabinet dimensions, measuring 250 x 775 mm and only 100mm in depth. The slim dimensions along with its paintable grille also allow the M series to blend in well with any home environment. Their matte black front baffle enables seamless integration with any home cinema, preventing any unwanted light reflecting back from the projector. 

The PHANTOM M series proves that a slim in-wall speaker can deliver the authentic DALI sound without visually dominating the room.


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