Security solution from LILIN

Established in 1980, LILIN are a global company who design and manufacture premium IP video security products that represent our core values of creativity, progress and excellence.

We have developed a full line of award-winning products, from cameras to NVRs that can be used with many leading control companies. This straightforward integration is only possible through LILIN’s commitment to providing expertise in IP video security products, resulting in a smart, convenient and efficient solution for the user.

Halfway through its first year of leadership by new UK CEO Steve Liddiard, LILIN have been busy releasing a host of new products and solutions.

As the only CI focused surveillance manufacturer, LILIN strive to maintain a certain level of deep integration with the major home automation partners. With over 50 valued software and integration partners, we endeavour to continue to meet the evolving needs of the CI sector, developing drivers for platforms including AMX, Control4, Crestron, ELAN, RTI, Savant and URC.

Our drivers are designed with the end-user’s experience in mind, and we aim to give them two-way control of their surveillance system – everything that they could do at the NVR, they can do through their home automation system. Customers can use our free camera drivers to independently verify alarms by sending snapshots to their devices, whilst having full control of each camera – including all PTZ cameras. The NVR driver offers complete control of the recording solution; using this, the customer can view a high-resolution live feed of all cameras, change views from four channels up to 32, and control the playback by rewinding, fast forwarding or pausing the recording, all from their chosen automation controller.


What’s new in 2019?

In keeping with our customer experience focused ethos, LILIN are working on the development of a complete AI engine. Having already released stand-alone LPR and facial recognition solutions this year, we are looking to expand and embed the AI engine into our Navigator and NVR platforms by purchasing licenses for AI channels for the recording unit.

Our range of LPR cameras are capable of identifying and recognising license plates on vehicles without the need for any additional software. Able to be incorporated into a home automation system, the LPR camera can be used to trigger alarms, lights or gate entry based on customisable allowed, denied and guest list built-in to the camera. When paired with an NVR or Navigator system, the client can scroll back through snapshots of number plates to trigger playback of an event or use the numerous exporting options available to keep a video or text record of all recognised plates.

The new facial recognition server works in a very similar manner; with up to four designated recognition camera channels, this server can run alongside an automation platform to trigger commands and actions based on recognising a face such as open a door, turn on a light or start the kettle as you arrive home from work!


In the future, our AI engine will embed these solutions into our range of recording solutions as customisable channels for a customer friendly solution. Developed by LILIN’s in-house research and development team, the AI engine can be customised to cater to each client’s needs. As a learning platform, LILIN AI can be configured to specific project requirements and taught to recognise abnormalities within a scene. The Object Detection function, for example, could be utilised as part of a solution for a manufacturing plant, to identify incorrectly made or missing components on a product belt. An alert from the AI engine in this scenario could prevent confusion or incomplete products further down the line, allowing you to combine security with smart surveillance on one system.

We at LILIN are proud to portfolio offering end to end solutions from a single camera with an SD card, to a wall-to-wall server system, and soon access control with integrated video.