Sonos expands support for the installed solutions channel

Sonos has built its reputation as a household name at the cutting edge of innovation by never standing still and delivering the right products and support for its customers.

As the company looks to strengthen its installed solutions (IS) business further, it recently connected with installers and distributors at two regional EMEA events to share its plans for the future and affirm its commitment to the IS market.

Hidden Wires spent time with Ran Feder, Head of Professional EMEA and Stephen Rhead, Sonos Professional Manager, Sonos UK & Ireland, to find out more and discuss what the brand has in store for professional installers.

Tell us about your recent installer events?

RF: Last month, we welcomed installers to two exclusive events, one at Het Nut in Beesd, The Netherlands and another at Park Row in London, UK. These were the first installer-only events Sonos has hosted since the pandemic and provided a great opportunity to reconnect with our customers. Each regional event was designed to be an open forum where Sonos could share plans to strengthen the professional business of installers, and installers were invited to provide feedback and discuss their Sonos wish lists.

With over 50 installers in attendance, from across Benelux and the UK, we were able to garner lots of useful feedback which is invaluable for shaping how we move forward.

SR: At each event, we opened with an overview of Sonos’ strategy for the installed solutions market in each region - detailing where the brand is currently positioned, the opportunities ahead and our plans to support integrators. We also gave valuable insights into our new hardware and software improvements, before opening the floor to our installers for a discussion.

These events were about reinforcing our commitment to the IS community and finding out what they need from us, as well as enjoying time with our customers.

We also hosted dinners at each event to say thank you to our London guests, treating them  to a 10 course DC-inspired meal at the Monarch Theatre at Park Row. This immersive restaurant has 360-degree projection mapping, which tells the story of a different DC character during each course.

RF: In Beesd the conversations continued long after the presentations had finished, hosting our guests at the unique Het Nut venue. We had some great feedback too…

“As well as the chance to find out about imminent new products and gain a feel of what other products may be coming down the line, it is heartening to hear about the increase in support that will be available from Sonos for custom installers.” commented Tom Williamson from Element 29.

“The event was very useful to attend” said Mike van Gorp from Instereo. “It’s great to have Sonos representatives in-person to discuss developments and offer information on how they can support us. I am delighted to be a part of a team of installers who work with Sonos.”

As a well-known consumer brand, why is the installer community so important to Sonos?

SR:  The professional installer channel is where Sonos started. For 17 years, professional installers have been a key partner in our journey to becoming the leading sound experience company. We have a shared mission with installation professionals, including audio visual integrators, new home builders, landscape designers, electricians and more, to improve how a customer lives with technology, blending into their homes and their lives.  

RF: Take AMP, for example. Four years ago, Sonos completely redesigned AMP based on direct conversations and feedback from installers. This feedback allowed us to deliver a product that is twice as powerful as its predecessor and fits perfectly into standard AV racks. HDMI and line-in ports make it easy to bring TVs, turntables, Blu-Ray players, CD changers, and other audio sources into the Sonos system as well as enabling installers to incorporate AMP into integrated smart home set-ups, including smart lighting and centralised control systems.

How else is Sonos supporting installers?

RF: Our guiding principle is that the listening experience on Sonos is simple, and that includes ensuring our products work together seamlessly with other smart home products. In addition to working on our own products and features, we’re committed to programs to better enable our dealers to drive the best value for their business. Our open developer platform makes it easier than ever for partners to innovate on the Sonos listening experience - we provide access to the tools, documentation, and support our partners need to drive faster innovation, enabling partners like Control4 to develop new ways to control Sonos speakers and interact with the Sonos system.

As part of this developer platform, partners can secure the “Works with Sonos” certification so Sonos owners can be assured that companies building and innovating on the platform deliver experiences that meet Sonos’ high bar for quality.  With a shared commitment to superior sound and great design, Sonos and Sonance partnered to create a range of speakers optimised for installers, (including In-Ceiling, In-Walls and Outdoor) that disappear into any space, featuring specially designed round, or optional square grilles which can be painted to match a home decor, and still provide clear sound and high-quality performance.

SR: In addition, we recently announced ‘Multi-Product Setup’, the first installer-driven feature on the S2 app. The new setup experience allows installers to defer individual firmware updates for newly added products. Once all new Sonos devices are on the network, a single firmware update and registration process can be performed to cover all newly added products at once, reducing set-up time.

We’ve just introduced the much-anticipated Sub Mini, a wireless subwoofer that delivers bold bass in a more compact size - making it ideal for smaller room applications. Dual custom woofers face inward within the unique cylindrical design, to create a force-cancelling effect that neutralises distortion. Advanced processing generates deep, dynamic low-end bass for a richer, more immersive sound without any buzz or rattle, while Trueplay™ technology adapts the bass to the acoustics of the room – even when placed against a wall.

What’s next?

SR: We’ve built a strong portfolio of solutions that are quick to install, simple to use and built to last for installers and their clients. From TV rooms to architectural sound and home cinema, the Sonos ecosystem can be applied to almost every residential application. We have you covered in terms of product, but we know there is work to do, and that’s why feedback from our IS community is so valuable. Right now, we’re talking to installers and working on professional tools to better support them and their businesses. Watch this space!

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