Surge protection and power management in the super chalets of Switzerland

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and pristine settings of Switzerland's alpine retreats, snowstorms and unpredictable weather can present big challenges for connected homes. As an expert at navigating the complexities of AV integration and management in demanding environments, Marc Schmid, CEO and owner of Schmid Gstaad AG, shares insights into the indispensable role of power management.

Power management and surge protection plays a crucial role in safeguarding the functionality of sophisticated smart home systems. It’s particularly important in remote locations, like the luxury chalets we find ourselves working on here in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. At 1,010m above sea level, this high-altitude alpine retreat is subject to heavy snowfall and storms which can quickly disrupt power supplies to the chalets, and the smooth operation of smart homes. Even routine troubleshooting can become daunting, as heading out to the mountain chalets can entail risky journeys.

Empowering remote management

When faced with unpredictable weather conditions and challenging terrain, surge protection and the ability to resolve issues remotely is a game-changer, for both us and our clients. The inclusion of power conditioners and surge protection, safeguards valuable devices against power fluctuations and potential damage – a crucial consideration for Switzerland's mountainous regions.

We work with power management products that integrate easily and work seamlessly with our preferred remote management systems. This means troubleshooting and rebooting can be performed swiftly, without the need for being on-site, saving valuable time and resources. Another advantage we have found is when we need to restart a set top box from a TV-provider or any other device hooked up to a TV – previously this could mean a journey to site and lengthy programming, but now we can quickly reboot the faulty box remotely.

Our clients value having a reliable, steadfast system that we can maintain quickly, and often, before they are aware of an issue which has reduced the volume of service calls. In terms of service quality and speed, with high-quality power management tools, I can complete simple tasks immediately from wherever I am no matter the time of day. It’s a level of service that we pride ourselves on, and one that would be difficult to offer without this technology.

Seamless integration and discreet protection

While clients may not always be aware of the technical intricacies behind their home automation systems, they undoubtedly appreciate the reliability and peace of mind that power management provides. While surge protection may not always be at the forefront of our initial conversations with clients, its inclusion in project proposals reflects a commitment to delivering superior service and long-term value. It’s also great value, which makes it easy to integrate into client quotes.

We work with the WattBox power-management range by Snap One. What sets this range apart is its integration options. From discreet two-point outlets to 19-in rack-mounted units and even bigger ones for vertical racks, we have a wide choice of products that support the demands of every install. Also, because WattBox is a Snap One brand, all the power management features can be easily managed within OvrC remote-management software.

A powerful future

Looking ahead, we see surge protection becoming a standard feature for every Schmid Gstaad project. As luxury properties continue to evolve, integrating advanced solutions for safety, convenience, and efficiency will remain imperative, ensuring clients can enjoy the epitome of luxury living without compromise.

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