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At the heart of CEDIA is its dedication to ensuring all technology integrators are up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and skills. As part of its continuing efforts to raise industry standards, CEDIA has published three new white papers that provide great insight into changing market conditions, highlighting both emerging opportunities and challenges to the industry.

The latest CEDIA white papers include ‘Colorimetry and Video Reproduction’, ‘Bio-Adaptive, Human-Centered Lighting’ and 'HDCP 2.2'. Written by experienced CEDIA instructors, including David Meyer and Peter Aylett, these publications include the latest industry news, supported by recent and credible references.

The home technology market is a fast-paced industry, with new technological updates and products constantly developing. CEDIA prides itself in delivering white papers on the latest industry trends, aimed to educate professionals so that they can benefit from changes in the market, whether it is evolution or revolution.

Bio-Adaptive, Human-Centered Lighting

The ‘Bio-Adaptive, Human-Centered Lighting’ white paper helps to explain the importance of human-centred lighting and how you can install a bio-adaptive lighting system. The document includes everything from suitable software, hardware control, and the correct luminaries as well as highlighting some of the challenges integrators need to be aware of when integrating the system.

Colorimetry and Video Reproduction

CEDIA’s whitepaper, ‘Colorimetry and Video Reproduction’, explores and defines colour perception and colour video reproduction. Including an overview of the relationship between the colour space, gamut and depth, as well as brightness, contrast and gamma, the document provides an in-depth and highly beneficial introductory guide to video colour for both professionals new to the industry and those requiring a refresh.

HDCP 2.2

CEDIA has also developed a white paper focusing on the latest HDCP format, entitled 'HDCP 2.2'. The evolving HDCP standard has significant impact in the residential space. This white paper has been designed to educate integrators on the requirements to upgrade or install a system that can display the latest UHD content, including information on the technical side of the HDCP 2.2 standard and its compatibility.

Download CEDIA’s white papers today

Education is an essential step for those looking to enter and progress their skills in the home technology industry. All CEDIA white papers are available for members to download for free online as part of its member benefits. Non-members can also download the whitepapers with costs starting from £80.

To access CEDIA’s comprehensive portfolio of industry whitepapers, visit www.cedia.co.uk/white-papers.

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