Amazon Alexa can now unlock Yale deadbolt locks

As Amazon Alexa’s quest for industry-wide integration continues, Yale is the latest security manufacturer to announce that it has furthered its partnership with the technology – now announcing that Alexa can be used to unlock certain locked doors too.

Like it or fear it, Alexa has been locking Yale smart locks for a while now – and the partnership between the two has now gone full circle as the smart assistant can be used to both unlock and lock the door.

Ideal for those times when home dwellers want to unlock their door without actually moving (and those with a small budget for smart home products), Yale’s recently announced support now means Assure Locks can be unlocked with voice commands – as long as you know the four-digit code.

The Yale app is also on hand to let a visitor inside the home when not in the vicinity of an Alexa-powered speaker.

The integration comes at a time when smart security is growing at a rapid speed – both in terms of product development and integration, despite some consumer wariness over voice. Amazon is certainly making sure it has all bases covered by both splashing the cash on making acquisitions in the sector and offering its own install packages (though just in the US at the moment).

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