Apple expected to launch TV streaming service in 2019

Netflix is seemingly bossing the TV and film streaming world, and Apple isn’t happy about it.

Not content with dominating the consumer electronics market with its range of computers, wearables and smartphones, Apple is reportedly gearing up to unveil its own TV and film streaming service next year, following years of rumours.

The launch is expected to be a global one, though it will be rolled out to the US first (according to The Information) and follow the successful model laid out by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. A large rollout to over 100 countries is forecast for months that will follow its initial launch.

Whether the rumours that the service will take the form of a one-stop-shop for both original content and other third-party subscription services are true remains to be seen, but it appears that unique content will be a big push for the company.

It’s thought that the Apple-produced content will most likely be free to Apple device owners, with other ‘channels’ (such as TV networks HBO or Showtime) to sit on the platform and be available for a subscription fee.

Netflix may not be too worried about Apple’s late entry into the market – the streaming service announced that is raising a cool $2 billion in debt to fund producing more original content to keep its user base growing (and happy) earlier this week.

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