AWE Expo 2018: IMAX Enhanced makes exclusive debut

AWE Europe has revealed that it will be exclusively previewing the much-anticipated IMAX ‘Enhanced’ technology at its two-day expo running from 10 October to 11 October in Epsom, UK.

“AWE Expo has built a reputation for unveiling industry firsts,” commented managing director at AWE, Stuart Tickle. “We’re doing it again with an exclusive preview of IMAX Enhanced content and technology. IMAX Enhanced will bring the world’s most immersive entertainment experience into the home and you can see it and hear it at AWE Expo, with processing courtesy of our specially enhanced Marantz AV8805.

He adds: “This not-to-be-missed opportunity is a sign of the strength of our partnership with Marantz, who are launch partners with of IMAX Enhanced licensing partner, XPeri. We work hard to get the right brands, demos and experiences in front of technology integrators so they can stay ahead of the home technology curve.”

At AWE Expo, integrators can see how the IMAX Enhanced programme is based on four distinctive brand pillars – image, sound, scale and content:

  • Image

IMAX content mastered utilising proprietary IMAX DMR technology for clarity

Bright, high-contrast images from some of the best displays on the market

4K HDR for brighter, more detailed images

  • Sound

The signature IMAX sound mix, delivered to the home exclusively by DTS

Cinema-like audio with depth, deep bass and dynamic range

IMAX point-source theatrical mix optimised by DTS

IMAX Enhanced processing delivers the IMAX sound found in IMAX theatres

  • Scale

Big, bold images filling more of the consumer’s field of view

Support for the IMAX expanded aspect ratio which leverages more of the display to optimise what the filmmaker intended

  • Content

IMAX films mastered for delivery to IMAX Enhanced devices

Signature IMAX multi-channel audio mix by DTS with video delivered to IMAX Enhanced devices in 4K HDR

Exclusive IMAX titles, as the filmmaker intended them to be seen

Representatives from Marantz and AWE will be available to answer any IMAX Enhanced questions integrators have over duration of the two-day preview, with daily presentations on IMAX Enhanced content and product at 2pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

Register to attend the AWE expo today or tomorrow here.

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