CasaTunes Expands RTI Control Systems Support

CasaTunes® has added features and capabilities to support larger installations using RTI home control along with new functions requested ...

CasaTunes® has added features and capabilities to support larger installations using RTI home control along with new functions requested by RTI dealers. CasaTunes released an update to its main CasaTunes server control software and its leading multi-room audio driver for RTI systems. “At CasaTunes, our goal is to offer support for the solutions our dealers are using and the reason why we refer to ourselves as the “Swiss Army Knife” of whole house audio,” said Kim Knapp, with CasaTunes. “CasaTunes continues to work with and seek input from RTI dealers to improve CasaTunes’ support of RTI home control systems.” The update to the CasaTunes control software enables CasaTunes multi-room music servers and streamers to control multiple RTI Audio Distribution switches (AD-4X and AD-8X) using IP. An RTI dealer can easily combine up to 8 AD-8X’s for a total of 64 rooms without needing a multitude of the serial cables. The combination results in a complete multi-room audio system that can be used standalone or in an RTI control environment. In order to control the CasaTunes RTI system for multiple combinations of room groups and up to 10 wireless rooms using AirPlay in an RTI control environment, CasaTunes expanded the functionality of the CasaTunes RTI driver. Large systems can be assembled using any of CasaTunes’ Multi-room Music Streamer/Controllers and multiple AD-8X matrix switch/amplifiers. This can all be controlled by one CasaTunes driver without the need for a separate AD-64 driver, simplifying RTI dealer’s designs. The updated CasaTunes control software and the updated RTI driver can both be found at “CasaTunes listens to our dealers and have included powerful new features that help dealers increase the number of rooms in RTI distributed audio systems without losing any features and functionality,” said Steve Guerra, VP of Business Development with CasaTunes. “Our dealers are asking for additional room integration and features so they have an easy and simple way to control all technology in the home.” Additional features requested by dealers includes functions to Mute all, un-Mute all or toggle the Mute of all rooms with one command and change the volume in all rooms in sync by a variable amount. CasaTunes also added a variable that returns the currently playing music service in any source (stream) and added new events to announce when sources are changed in a room and when any streams are paused or start playing. With CasaTunes, homeowners can listen to a music collection stored on the music server hard disc, as well as listen to various popular Internet radio and music services, including Hi-Fi quality music services. Listening to music is as simple as choosing the room and then browsing or searching songs by album, artist, genre, or playlist. Schedules can even be created for falling asleep or waking up to a favorite playlist.

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