CEDIA Unveils New Business Boosting Course Led by Jon Peterman

CEDIA has made an addition to its ever-growing list of education sessions by welcoming a brand new business course to its curriculum. The new two-part workshop, led by ICON Business Advisor, Jon Peterman, will explore the ‘Eight Key Steps to Business Success’.

This new workshop will provide attendees with the necessary skills required to ensure their business is managed successfully, and are maximising the opportunities available in the home technology industry.  Jon will cover everything from documentation to business strategy and marketing techniques.
 “This course is well suited to anyone who is working within the home technology industry and is seeking to improve the initial basis on which their businesses are built,” explains Jon Peterman, Business Advisor at ICON and CEDIA education representative. “It will encourage participants to use new skills, such as what it takes to create a successful and hard-working team, and how to put forward a transforming Now Action Plan.”
The first day of this business-focused workshop will look at the essential building blocks of a business, as well as the importance of focusing on growth and development.
Attendees to the workshop will explore the ’five key profit drivers’ related to setting the vision for their business. Participants will then delve into the skills involved in building and managing a strong team, and discuss the critical aspect of this when allowing business owners to achieve sustainable improvements. The group will also go on to explore the essential steps in maintaining control of finances.
Students should also expect to learn about defining their business S.W.O.T., as well as gaining an understanding on customer behaviour and improving relationships with customers. Other topics that are expected to be covered will be key performance indicators, defining payment terms and managing inventory.
At the end of this first workshop, each delegate will develop a Now Action Plan, designed to identify essential actions that will grow each participant’s individual businesses and increase their profits. This plan can be implemented immediately, and will include longer term actions.
The second day will begin with a brief summary and feedback from delegates on how their Now Action Plan actions have gone so far. Jon will then provide participants with individual advice and guidance for their plans, as well as going over some more topics. These will include team management and rediscovering defining and monitoring key performance indicators. The group will also cover financial performance reviews and improving financial results.
As an ICON Business Advisor, Jon Peterman specialises in providing professional advice to businesses in North London. Jon works with business owners to help them achieve their goals by strengthening the foundations of their business and implementing specific step by step strategies and performance monitors.
The first set of course dates are:
Wednesday 9th March: Eight Key Steps to Business Success – Day One
Wednesday 20thApril: Eight Key Steps to Business Success – Day Two
To book on to this course, or for more information and a full list of CEDIA’s education courses, visit www.cediaeducation.com/courses.              

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