Gira changes brand identity for new decade

Gira is unveiling a new brand identity for further business expansion and to significantly strengthen its standing in the marketplace for the coming decade, ready for its 125th anniversary celebrations in 2030.

Implemented on 17 March 2020, the company has entered the next phase of its evolution with this new, commercially-led brand identity. 

The new brand vision has been created in conjunction with its Düsseldorf agency “thjnk” to provide Gira with a greater level of market appeal, across both trade and consumer audiences.

Focusing on diversity, the new presentation will work towards a more tangible ‘on and off’ product experience for Gira customers on a global stage. It will also heighten its business approach as well as standing for high quality engineering and intelligent technologies. 

Reacting to changing purchasing trends, the company is demonstrating a higher importance for innovative, future-proof design that will continue to be relevant and inspirational long into the future. 

In response to the changes in buying behaviour and in accordance with its new brand identity, Gira is consciously focusing on a different approach to its partners in the electronics retail and trade sectors, through to the end user. 

To help convey its new portfolio and brand messaging, Gira has created a range of company brochures, product sources, marketing and social activities, informational websites, active trade fair presentations, a dedicated system integrator partner programme, and increased retail visibility.

“Buildings are becoming more intelligent thanks to increasing digital networking and the broad use of sensor technology,” said Torben Bayer, head of brand development and marketing at Gira. “The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important for the networked control of smart buildings.”

He continued: “When we celebrate our 125th company anniversary at Gira in ten years’ time, they will certainly be an integral part of the architecture that no one in our living and working environment would want to do without anymore.”

Mark Booth, managing director at Gira UK added: “To be in a position to offer new corporate branding at a time when some are seen to be observing over acting, is a positive sign of our growth and development. 

“Shortly following the announcement of our new UK premises back in February, I am confident this new brand insight will further shape and grow the company’s propensity to serve this thriving intelligent build market: both in the UK and multinational.”

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