IoT keynote announced for first 2018 CEDIA Tech Forum

CEDIA has announced that the keynote at the first date of its 2018 Tech Forum will feature a keynote talk exploring the increasingly significant impact of the Internet of Things on the professional home technology sector.

headshot of David Mudd, business development director (IoT) at the British Standards Institute (BSI), and london cedia tech forum keynote 2018The first date of the tour will be held at CodeNode, London on Tuesday 24 April, 2018 and close with the keynote delivered by David Mudd, business development director (IoT) at the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Mudd has over 30 years’ industry experience and has been involved with the Internet of Things (IoT) for the last six years.

Originally trained as an electronics engineer with the BBC, he went on to serve as an engineering officer in the RAF. Since then he has delivered major secure IT projects for the MoD and complex optical telecommunications projects, before moving into microelectronics and LED lighting, including development of IoT-based smart home systems.

For the last two years, Mudd has been providing consultancy and testing services to commercial and domestic IoT-related markets before joining BSI in June.

In his keynote presentation, Mudd will discuss how IoT technology is transforming business today, both in terms of organisational performance and customer experience. He will also explore the pitfalls – from minor operational inconveniences to huge potential liabilities and brand damage. This will include an up-to-date overview of the current state of the IoT, the opportunities and threats it presents to the industry, how you should engage with the IoT and associated products and how to differentiate from proposed ‘simple, low-cost’ offerings, as well as key questions to ask potential IoT-enabled system suppliers.

Mudd will furthermore explain why home technology businesses should be considering IoT as part of their offering, and which devices and products are likely to offer the greatest value to an installer’s business.

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