James Loudspeaker launches Mavericks Architectural Cinema division

James Loudspeaker has formed a new division called the Mavericks Architectural Cinema (MAC) division which will focus on the design, engineering and product specification of high-performance sound systems for home cinemas.

The new Mavericks cinema speakers provide ultra-wide bandwidth, very high sound pressure levels and ultra-low distortion. 

The MAC division will look at cinema sound systems ranging from a 5.1 system to a completely immersive audio experience utilising one or more of the available 3D home theatre formats. 
John Bishop
With 20 years’ experience as a sales engineer, consultant and technical rep for many influential companies, John Bishop has been chosen to utilise his expertise and head up the new group as executive VP of the MAC division. 

James Loudspeaker’s CEO Mark Schafle said: “John’s genuine passion and expertise in the residential cinema category has been evident to us during our entire working relationship. John has been at the forefront of exceptional residential cinema design since the category began, and I am confident that he will bring significant value to James Loudspeaker and our discerning customers in this role.”

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