KNX: The Solution to Many Electrician’s and Integrator’s Problems in Home and Building Control

Building automation with open technologies creates many opportunities for not only manufacturers and developers, but also for electricians, installers, and system integrators.

Due to the frequently experienced initial situation of limited simultaneous configuration possibilities of various applications in as well as home and building control, the common usage of one uniform technology reduces not only time, but also makes the installation simpler. Nevertheless, the broad range of technologies in the market frequently only allows the handling of a single application, resulting in non-standardised solutions with additional wiring effort and the need for complex commissioning software packages.

Being often faced with issues resulting from this situation, the solution to all problems would be a system which is suitable for all applications in residential and commercial building control, such as lighting, blind and shutter control, security systems, HVAC, audio/video, energy management, metering and much more. Further than that, this system should as well be easy to understand, easy to commission and open to all manufacturers to allow flawless interworking between the various devices of various manufacturers.

In case these issues sound familiar to you, have a look at this video below. 

A technology which can meet all these requirements has already been introduced to the worldwide market over 25 years ago – KNX! With higher demands of installations in buildings and the skyrocketing raise of smart building solutions worldwide, KNX has evolved into being the leading technology, combining all the advantages in terms of installations plus the unique simplicity of commissioning that into a single tool by KNX Association, the Engineering Tool Software (ETS®), thus being able to configure all of the currently 100,000 certified KNX devices produced by more than 400 manufacturers in the market.

Almost 50,000 certified KNX Installers all over the world are already benefitting from the many advantages of KNX. If you are an electrician, installer or system integrator, we would like to invite you to join a KNX Training in one of our 361 certified KNX Training Centres all over the world and not only learn the basics of KNX and the ETS®, but also how KNX can boost your business opportunities as well as become a part of the worldwide KNX community all around the globe.

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