Leema updates speaker calibration guide ahead of new launches

Leema Acoustics has released the latest version of its free speaker calibration guide, in time for the launch of new products later this year.

The updated guide, which has been expanded to nine pages, features a new highly accurate speaker toe-in calibration method using laser measurement. It offers comprehensive advice on toe-in, complete with several easy-to-follow steps to set it up.

Using masking tape, a tape measure and a laser measure, the laser method is designed to help users find the optimum toe-in position for their existing speakers and get the best from Leema’s electronics, old and new.

Ahead of an exciting year for the company, where it is set to announce new products in the coming months, Leema updated the free calibration guide to recognise the importance of speakers as the final interface into the room.

The guide was originally created during the 2020 lockdown by Leema Acoustics’ Andy Moore and it demonstrates the time-proven ‘grid method’ calibrations, which is based on Moore’s 30-plus-years of industry experience.

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