Light + Building 2022 welcome digital element of the show

Our daily lives have changed significantly since the start of the pandemic. The way we live, work and travel are very different now and we have adapted to make this work for our future. Light + Building 2022 has recognised these changing trends and are introducing a digital extension to the show from 2022 onwards to suit this new way of living.

Being held from 13-18 March 2022, Light + Building will be held as a physical event at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre. During this week and the week following the show, there will be a digital meeting place to offer new opportunities for networking, the exchange of knowledge and encounters.

From 13-25 March, participants can make new contacts, discover innovative products via AI-aided matchmaking, make appointments for web conferences, chat with contacts, and take part in the Light + Building complementary programme and events streamed by exhibitors.

“We are beginning with a new format and building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds,” said Jeglitza-Moshage, senior vice president Technology Shows, Messe Frankfurt. “Personal encounters are of inestimable value and the heart of our business. Any they will continue to be so. Nevertheless, to be able to offer market access to all interested parties, supplementary digital features are now an essential aspect of the programme of all international events.”

The digital platform has three main applications to ensure that everyone find what they are looking for. Based on interests, areas of expertise, and language, a digital matchmaking takes place between the exhibitors and participants, between the participants themselves and with respect to the programme of events.

In preparation for their trade fair presentations, exhibitors will be able to upload and update their digital profile, which is visible in the Light + Building Contactor. There, visitors can find, for example, the corporate profile, contact details, profiles of company contacts, products and presentations.

“By permitting online participation, we offer our customers the highest degree of flexibility, explained Johannes Möller, brand management director of Light + Building. “Thus, each of them can decide individually when and where they communicate with customers. This can be at the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt or, team structure permitting, staff can reply to enquiries from head office or even from home.”

Every member of the staff who is linked to the exhibitor profile can answer live contact requests from online visitors while a joint calendar helps plan appointments and fix in advance who will be available when and in which language. Exhibitors have flexibility when it comes to choosing from the time slots offered; they can opt for the whole time parallel to the fair and afterwards digitally, or they can limit contact availability to certain times of day or time zones. They can also communicate via the digital platform after the physical even in Frankfurt has closed.

Visitors can also communicate with each other via the Light + Building Digital Extension. Matches of potential interest are suggested based on questions and visitor behaviour and these matches can be used by visitors to expand their networks. It is also possible for them to make direct contact with each other to exchange ideas and information.

The programme of events as well as exhibitor presentations will be available for streaming on demand both during and after the show.