Nest products won’t stop going down

Owners of Nest devices haven’t been having the best time lately.

Three successive blackouts – November 15, November 27 and December 3, to be exact – in the past three weeks isn’t the best record for a brand trying to become the ‘smart’ thermostat manufacturer of choice for the mainstream market.

The most recent outage yesterday cut off everything (thermostats, cameras and other devices) for up to half an hour, and created a streak of three in three for many people’s coldest months. The company reacted in typical fashion online – stating that is ‘investigating’ the matter following the reports, but as yet there’s been no explanation for the cause… just as there hasn’t been for recent reports of poor performance by Nest Hello owners.

Many have been also calling for the ability to switch to playback on the local network to be brought to the platform, but Nest/Google’s love of the cloud makes this seem unlikely… all the more reason to look to a professionally installed system, some might say..