Netflix integration comes to Sky Q

Sky has confirmed that Netflix-lovers can now enjoy the service directly from its Sky Q platform.

A fan of both Sky and Netflix and keen to reduce time spent flicking between the two? Sky has your back (kind of…).

Netflix is now inbuilt into Sky Q so it appears as users peruse what’s on via TV guide or use Sky’s on demand section.

Sky says existing users just need to login into their Netflix account to connect the two.

For those who aren’t part of the streaming service’s 125 million+ subscriber base, Sky is offering an "Ultimate On Demand" package offering Netflix and Sky box sets for £10 per month – that’s a saving of roughly £3 for the two, but to enjoy shows like Stranger Things or Black Mirror in 4K goodness, Sky are pushing consumers to its premium ‘Sky Q Experience’ service, priced at £32 – answers on a postcard how customers will feel about forking out extra cash for an already somewhat flaky service…

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