Primacoustic Offers its Paintables Acoustic Panels for the Home Theatre/HiFi Market

Primacoustic - a division of Radial Engineering Ltd. - is pleased to offer the Paintables to the home theater/hifi market. The Paintables...

Primacoustic - a division of Radial Engineering Ltd. - is pleased to offer the Paintables to the home theater/hifi market. The Paintables are a series of high performance acoustic panels that may be painted on site to match the surrounding colors or be photo-finished with your choice of art. Primacoustic Market Development Manager Steve Dickson comments: "The primary objection with room acoustics is the limited fabric colors that are available and the construction which some find conflicts with the architectural design. The new Primacoustic Paintables are formulated with a special surface that enables the acoustic panel to be lightly painted without affecting the absorption. The home owner can easily mount panels on their walls and enjoy the same type of experience as if going to a real movie theater." The 2" thick (5cm) Paintables begin with a high density 6lb glass wool construction for maximum absorption across the audio spectrum. Each panel is then coated with a specially formulated micromesh that may be painted while enabling sound energy to penetrate the panel. Edges are resin hardened to provide sharp architecturally pleasing sight lines. The panels are factory painted in Absolute Whiteâ„¢ latex. Mounting the panels is easy: one simply screws a set of Impalers to the wall and the Paintables hang like a painting. This enables the acoustic panels to be removed and reused. The unique advantage is that the Paintables may be painted on-site using a standard airless spray painter that may be rented at most hardware stores or paint shops. A light dusting with matte latex is recommended as this will not alter the acoustic performance. Adding a thicker coat of paint using a roller will increase high frequency energy in the room while attenuating problem energy in the all-important voice range. Between 15% and 30% wall coverage is sufficient. Panel placement is simple: one merely draws vectors outward from the center speaker to the nearby walls and the seating position to control powerful first-order reflections. Rear walls are also treated to eliminate room chatter and slap echo. Paintables may also be treated with any image by sending the panels to a local large bed ink-jet print shop with a PDF of the desired image to be transferred onto the panel surface.

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