Russound adds two streaming services to its new MBX-AMP and MBX-PRE audio streamers

To keep up with the streaming music trends, Russound has added TIDAL and Deezer to the new MBX-AMP and MBX-PRE streamers.

Recent data released by The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) shows that 75 per cent of its revenue is now coming from streaming music, meaning audio companies are beginning to add streaming services to their products to keep up with market trends. 

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Charlie Porritt, CEO for Russound said: “The new user adoption rate for streaming is around one million new subscribers for streaming services per month. So, we view it as very important to be able to provide our customers with popular streaming services like TIDAL and Deezer as built-in native streaming services in our MBX products in order to tap into that growing market.”

Russound spoke to many integrators and installers at the 2018 CEDIA and discovered that adding these streaming services to its devices would be heavily supported by the industry. The company will continue adding the latest services to its devices to keep with the trends. 

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