Russound Ships XStream X5 Room-By-Room Audio Streamer/Controller

Wi-Fi X5 Synchronizes Audio Throughout the House Whole house audio innovator Russound today announced it is now shipping the XStreamâ„¢...

Wi-Fi X5 Synchronizes Audio Throughout the House Whole house audio innovator Russound today announced it is now shipping the XStreamâ„¢ X5 room-by-room WiFi enabled audio controller, streamer and amplifier that wirelessly synchronizes audio across all X5-powered rooms. The XStreamâ„¢ X5 is a small but powerful device that is app or keypad controlled. The X5 includes built-in popular streaming services, including Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn Radio and vTuner. (Additional services will be added over the course of the year.) With the X5, users can stream their iTunes library and other audio content from any Airplay-enabled device and enjoy it throughout their home. The external Bluetooth option – Russound’s BTC-1X – makes it easy for the installer to situate the receiver for the best Bluetooth reception in every room. The X5 gives the end-user complete control of their listening experience, thanks to it being the only single-room audio streamer, amplifier and controller with a keypad connection that ensures compatibility with three of Russound’s top selling keypad options – TS3 touchscreen, MDK-C6 multi-line display keypad, and the SLK-1 single-line display keypad. In addition, every zone can be controlled by the company’s My Russound App, available for both iOS and Android devices. “Since we first announced the XStream last year, we’ve been on a mission to deliver it to our dealers ASAP, and I’m happy to say that mission was accomplished,” says Charlie Porritt, Russound’s CEO. “The X5 is indicative of how the XStream system is changing the way our industry approaches whole house audio by melding the convenience of wireless and streaming services with the unshakable reliability of wired connections.” With the XStream X5, end-users will remove the clutter from the counters, furniture and coffee tables, thanks to the built-in infrared library that turns a keypad or smart device into a universal remote control, making it easy to put away all those “clickers” for good. The high-quality, all-digital platform simplifies connections, dramatically improves performance and provides ample power for any speaker in the system, so consumers will hear more of what they love, thanks to a high-end DAC and digital amplification at 50W per channel. XStreamâ„¢ X1: Expanding Audio Everywhere with Absolute Confidence Russound’s X5 arrives soon after the XStreamâ„¢ X1, a 4-zone wireless audio system that lets users connect their audio system to speakers in another location without long runs of speaker wire. The system consists of a transmitter (X1-TX8, pictured left) and a choice of receiver -- amplified (X1-RX220) or non-amplified (X1-RX2). The components are simple to setup and install. The X1-TX8 features four stereo inputs-- three line level and one selectable between line-in or optical digital. With an internal 2 x 20 watt RMS amplifier, the X1-RX220 has ample power to efficiently drive a pair of connected speakers. Thanks to the inclusion of both line-level analog and optical digital outputs, the X1-RX2 connects to an external amplifier to deliver high-quality audio without lengthy cable runs. The optical digital connections make it easy for the X1 system to extend a digital audio source by wirelessly transmitting a digital audio signal from a remote location to an audio system. The X1 features sophisticated wireless broadcast capabilities with a range of 30 meters (100 feet). In addition, the X1 system is ideal for expanding an audio system and any retrofit applications where installing speaker wire is labor intensive and cost prohibitive. Multiple receivers can be connected in each zone, and the ultra-small footprint makes it easy to hide for a clutter-free living environment. Combined with a Russound C-Series Multi-zone Controller Amplifier, the X1 system wirelessly expands one of the most robust and intuitive app controlled multi-room audio systems in the industry.

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