SnapAV announce Snap Pro Live for autumn

SnapAV has announced plans to host Snap Pro Live, its inaugural global partner event, due to take place this Autumn.

Featuring virtual and local in-store session, Snap Pro Live will consist of keynotes on industry trends, new product introductions, partner breakouts, unique virtual training and pro networking opportunities to forge new relationships as well strengthening existing ones.

“Historically, our industry has relied upon in-person events to get hands-on with products, learn about new trends and connect with other pros,” said John Heyman, SnapAV CEO. 

“Covid-19 is challenging all of us to develop new and compelling ways to keep these interactions going strong, and Snap Pro Live is our response to this challenge. It will be an energising event that empowers our partners and pros to connect, converse and collaborate on a local and global scale.”

Attendees will also get the chance to interact with the SnapAV product and leadership teams, as well as other professionals in the industry at the event.

“In many ways, human connection is what makes our pros so successful, and due to our current environment, this has become much more difficult,” Heyman added. 

“We’ll have a number of interactive sessions for pros to talk with us, but also to meet and talk with others in the industry. And, the event will serve as a platform for launching exciting new products.”

Snap Pro Live is scheduled to take place this autumn, however exact dates have not been announced. Pros can sign up here to receive more details as they become available. 

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