Strategic partnership formed between Vantage & AiSPiRE

Legrand’s Vantage brand has formed a strategic alliance with WAC LIGHTING’s AiSPiRE brand to pair Vantage’s customisable lighting controls with AiSPiRE’s human-centric luminaires to create a comprehensive low and high voltage solution.

Using light from the full colour spectrum, AiSPiRE’s lighting fixtures are designed to create a vibrant atmosphere within the home. Combining this with the ease of programming provided by Vantage’s Design Centre sortware suite, integrators can create customised lighting scenes that provide seamless pairing to AiSPiRE luminaires.

Using Vantage’s InFusion Controller, the end-to-end solution enables users to have full control of saturation, hue, intensity, and colour temperature via standard DMX protocols. This allows for the rendering of near-perfect natural light tones capable of tracking the sun’s light throughout the day, controlled from a simple button press of a Vantage keypad or an astronomical event timer.

“With human-centric lighting programming readily available, and stunning keypad designs, Vantage provides best-in-class lighting control solutions,” said Dave Keller, vice president of sales at Vantage. “Paired with AiSPiRE integration-only lighting products, which combine elegant aesthetics with advanced functionality, this alliance makes it easier than ever for integrators to bring dynamic lighting to their clients.”

Patrick Laidlaw, director of business development integration for AiSPiRE Lighting added: “We are proud to collaborate with Vantage Controls for this strategic alliance, the goal of which is to provide integrators with an end-to-end solution for elevating the human experience through lighting design and interactivity. Together, our lighting and control tools allow them to paint with light and effortlessly customise a scene – whether it’s accenting works of art with downlights or programming garden lights to follow the sun – to bring any space to life.”

As part of the alliance formed between the two lighting brands, a Brighter Together Dealer Profit Promotion (DPP) has been introduced. Through the DPP, projects featuring both Vantage and AiSPiRE products will receive a 5% discount from both brands when the order is placed. To qualify, projects must be registered by dealers or their sales representatives. The promotion is running through to 30 July.