Technical judges for 2019 CEDIA Awards have been announced

CEDIA announces the 2019 CEDIA Awards Home Technology Professional Judging Panel after calling upon the help of industry experts and past CEDIA Award winners.

The panel have started the first round of technical judging now the entries have closed, and EMEA finalists will be announced on June 24.

“We have selected our panel of judges due to the wealth of knowledge and expertise they all hold,” said Tabatha O'Connor, CEDIA global president and CEO. “Involving previous award winners as judges also provides the panel with an in-depth understanding of the requirements that lead to becoming a CEDIA Award winner. The judges' experience — combined with the strict entry requirements — will ensure high standards of review for each and every entry and only the best of the best will make it. These judges dedicate a huge amount of time to complete the rigorous judging process, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved.”

The judging panels are divided by regions and the CEDIA Global Award Winners are selected by the chair and vice chair from each judging panel.

• Geoff Meads – Home Technology Professional EMEA Awards chair (Presto Web Design)
• Pip Evans – Home Technology Professional EMEA Awards vice chair (NV Integration)
• Chris Morley (Cyberhomes)
• Owen Maddock (ConnectedWorks)
• Simon Fulstow (SONA)

CEDIA Americas & Asia Pacific Judges:
• Guy Singleton – Home Technology Professional US and Asia Pacific Awards hair (Guy Singleton Consulting)
• David Tkachuk – Home Technology Professional US and Asia Pacific Awards vice chair (Symbol Logic)
• Adam Pelz (Bespoke Cinemas)
• George Walter (RAYVA LLC)

The Americas winners will be announced at the CEDIA Awards celebration hosted in conjunction with the new Leadership conference at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on July 25. The winning companies for Asia Pacific Awards will be held during Integrate 2019 in Melbourne on August 28. Finally, the EMEA and global winners will be announced at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on September 26. 

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