The AllSeen Alliance Adds New Products to AllJoyn Certified List

The AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) through the AllJoyn open source software project, has announced more than a dozen products that have successfully completed AllJoyn Certified certification testing.

AllJoyn Certified products, apps and services from AllSeen Alliance members such as Buffalo, LG Electronics, LIFX, Musaic, Microsoft, and Two Bulls simply and seamlessly discover, connect and “talk” to each other right out of the box. A wide range of products, including air purifiers, apps, music systems, humidifiers, wireless routers and more, are the latest items to achieve AllJoyn Certification.

LG webOS TVs, LG Smart Air Conditioners, Windows 10 Professional and Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft were the first products to earn AllJoyn Certification.

“Two Bulls will be demonstrating the power of AllJoyn at the software layer through our local IoT configuration service and logical engine, Higgns, which will power the AllSeen Alliance booth at CES 2016," said Noah Harlan, Co-Founder of Two Bulls serving on the AllSeen Alliance Board of Directors. “Higgns connects and coordinates the interactions amongst the great AllJoyn devices and services being showcased.”

The latest companies to earn the right to display the AllJoyn Certified logo on their products and marketing material include the following:

Buffalo AirStation 1900 wireless router - connects AllJoyn devices together and provides real-time router status updates via AllJoyn notifications.
Fon Technology Gramofon turns a sound system into a WiFi music player.
Heaven Fresh HF 810 Smart WiFi Digital UltraSonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier and HF 480 Smart WiFi 7-Stage Air Purifier.
Icontrol Networks’ Piper Piper is a Wi-Fi-enabled all-in-one home security and awareness system that combines immersive video, sensors, AllJoyn and Z-Wave home automation that you can access from your smartphone or tablet.
InnopiaTech MagicBeam live smart projector.
LG Electronics LG Webos TVs LG Smart AC WLAN Module which AllJoyn enables LG air conditioners allowing them to be controlled by smartphones and automation apps.
LIFX With millions of colors or thousands of white tones to intelligently decorate the smartest connected spaces, LIFX offers the following Wi-Fi-enabled and AllJoyn Certified smart light bulbs: LIFX Color 1000 B22, LIFX Color 1000 E27, LIFX Color 1000 E26, LIFX White 900 BR30, LIFX White 800 E26, LIFX White 800 B22, LIFX White 800 E27, LIFX Color 1000 BR30.
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Surface Pro 3
Musaic Musaic is a smart wireless HiFi system which offers both high-resolution multi-room audio playback and smart home features. The system includes the MP5, MP10 and MPL Wireless Music Players and PRO-MZP Professional Installation Zone Player.
Two Bulls Higgns - fully interoperable, embedded, hardware agnostic IoT configuration & control service.

“Not all ‘smart’ devices speak the same language yet -- which means a so-called smart product might not be able to communicate with a home hub for automation,” said John Cameron, Vice President at LIFX. “Consumers are now seeking useful and rich experiences where lighting, for example, can easily and securely interoperate with other products — simply and automatically. LIFX and groups like the large AllSeen Alliance member community are making it easy for consumers to truly connect their smart homes. Any AllJoyn Certified TV, air purifier, or speaker system can interact with our lights and vice versa.”

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