Trinnov launches iOS Remote Control app for its processors

Trinnov Audio has released an app for Apple users which allows users to control their Trinnov processors with their iOS device.

Available now on the App Store, the iOS Remote Control app works on both iPhone and iPad running iOS version 15.0 and above.

The app gives users the ability to control volume control (level, mute and dim), preset selection, and optimiser bypass on all Trinnov models.

It also gives control over source selection on the Altitude32, Altitude16, Ovation2 and Amethyst.

On the Altitude32 and Altitude16, users can also select different listening modes as well as display format of content playing by using the app.

Trinnov will continue to build on the app, adding more functions over time.

The company is also working on macOS and Windows Desktop versions that will be released before May. The development of an application for the Android environment is scheduled towards the end of 2023.

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