You can now change Google Assistant’s voice by colour

How do you even try to compete with the market dominance Amazon Alexa technology has achieved if you’re Google? Why, you make the experience even more fun.

A US launch for now, but nonetheless cool (and hopefully coming to European shores soon), Google hasn’t just been experimenting by bringing different voices (including the likes of John Legend) to its voice platform, but also by adding a dash of colour.

Red, green, yellow, blue… Google Assistant’s newly redesigned interface is certainly eye-catching, but how does it work? Just tap on one of the colour-themed options connected to a specific voice (allocated at random) and that voice is activated.

Google is expected to have fully rolled this platform-agnostic update by the close of the week in the US for now, and for those countries that don’t have multi-voice support just yet, it may be a case of playing the waiting game.