Alcons partners with Moscow dealer for pro-ribbon cinema builds

Alcons Audio has appointed Blackroom, a Moscow-based dealer, for its CRMS home cinema systems.

Run by a passionate movie enthusiast and home cinema aficionado, Blackroom has been building premium, turnkey home cinemas in Russia and overseas for more than 10 years. Founder, Anton Zadnepryannyy, originally co-founded Cinemalounge and Acoustic Solutions, successfully building the businesses from the ground up with his partners for seven years before founding Blackroom.

As well as design and installation, Blackroom manufacturers its own acoustic treatment panels, soundproof doors, and home cinema recliner chairs. Zadnepryannyy also hosts the only Russian home cinema YouTube channel, which has attracted over 27,000 subscribers since 2019.

Alcons first came to his attention at the 2016 CEDIA Expo: “I was overwhelmed with the performance of the system,” said Zadnepryannyy. “I never though ribbon drivers could be so loud and so clear. Since then, I visited every Alcons demo at the CEDIA and ISE trade shows. Each time was better than the last. It became clear that the Alcons CRMS system is something different – it delivers audio quality that my emotions feel, something ultra-lifelike, a new reference for my professional ears. At ISE 2020, I made up my mind to get acquainted with Alcons’ co-founder Tom Back and do all I can to bring this experience to our clients in Russia.”

Having completed over 30 cinema installations with 10 more in progress, as well as a high-end 30m2 demo room with a 9.4.6 digital audio system under construction, it made sense to partner with Blackroom to take Alcons’ pro-ribbon systems to Russia.

“In our new demo room, we decided to compile the best equipment, acoustic treatments, design and all the other things needed to show what a true home cinema experience should look, sound, and feel like, when it’s done with cutting edge technology and design expertise,” Zadnepryannyy continued. “And it’s all created with the true passion for cinema and the cinematic experience that we live for every day.”

Tom Back, co-founder of Alcons Audio added: “The announcement of Blackroom becoming Alcons Audio’s next pro-ribbon partner for the residential market is completely in line with the rapidly growing global demand in our CRMS range of sound system solutions for the residential and studio market. Since we started in the custom install market a few years ago, we have been establishing a completely new distribution channel in the residential market, besides our cinema, pro-audio and touring channels.”

The company’s pro-audio roots are an excellent base for bringing the same quality the professionals are using as reference to the home entertainment experience. With so many of the big studios, artists, festivals, movie makers, etc using the exact same transducer, amplification and processing technologies, the company has been able to form one reference regardless of application, source or audience size.