Chris Pinder completes Marathon Des Sables for Together for Cinema

Well-known industry character and managing director of HDANYWHERE, Chris Pinder has completed the Marathon Des Sables, raising over £34,000 for Together for Cinema.

Completing the six day, 250km multi-stage race through the Sahara Desert in 34 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds, Pinder took on the challenge with the aim of raising £25,000 for the industry charity. He finished 158th out of over 1000 extreme athletes.

Ian Morrish, founder of Together for Cinema, applauded Pinder’s efforts on LinkedIn: “Thank you Chris… My eyes filled with tears when I found out you had finished safe and sound, and my eyes are teary now whilst I write this. What you have achieved is incredible and a lesson and an inspiration to us all. Your determination to complete the course and raise a huge amount of money for a great cause has been amazing and I hold you in the very highest regard.”

Pinder arrived back in the UK last night and was met by his wife, two daughters, his mum and stepdad, as well as Morrish, who added: “Time will help him realise the enormity of what he has achieved and how many poorly children he will help in the coming years by supporting Together for Cinema. It’s a huge difference he is making.

“As founder of Together for Cinema, I thank you all for supporting Chris and backing the good work that we do. What we do is a pure and unquestionable good and I am humbled that Chris has gone to the lengths he has to support Together for Cinema. A big thank you also to Team Pinder for being so supportive throughout the journey and helping Chris make this happen.”

Back in February when the challenge was announced, Pinder said: “Known as ‘the toughest footrace on earth’, I’ll be running the equivalent of six marathons over six days in more than 50°C heat in the Sahara Desert, carrying everything I need on my back.”

Donations to Pinder’s fundraising page are still open.