Control4 to hold its third C4Yourself Day

3 - Control4 - Certified Showroom - Kitchen Demo Space at Aura Design & Integration
Kitchen Demo Space at Aura Design & Integration (Orleans, Ontario, CA)

On June 13, Control4 will open its doors to homeowners, architects, builders, and design professionals to experience the latest smart home features.

C4Yourself Day runs worldwide at Control4 Certified Showrooms across 85 cities around the globe from 4pm-8pm local time. 

The day gives people the opportunity to see what is available in the smart home market. Many homeowners are familiar with single-purpose connected accessories such as smart lightbulbs, door locks, speakers, sensors, cameras, etc, with separate apps for each device. But the C4Yourself Day gives them an introduction to the professionally-installed system. 

Instead of just talking about what these systems do, the day gives everyone the chance to experience them in real life setting. The dealer hosting each Control4 Certified Showroom can demonstrate the integrated smart home in many different scenarios and show attendees how it can assist or help to make everyday life easier in the home.

6 - Control4 - Certified Showroom - Dining Room and Kitchen Demo Space at Sync Me Up
Dining Room and Kitchen Demo Space at Sync Me Up (Morgantown, West Virginia, US)

The demo experiences will include key features such as smart lighting and shading, multiroom audio, security and more, and are constantly updated with the latest smart devices, including Control4 Intercom Anywhere. 

Demos will also be customised and updated by the dealers based on popular experiences, giving families the chance to try out features that support aging-in-place, designers can toggle between lighting and shading scenes, homeowners in Southern states can experience pool and spa control features, and those in snowy regions can try out heating controls for a ski lodge. 

C4Yourself Day is scheduled for June 13, 2019 from 4pm-8pm local time at Control4 Certified Showrooms around the globe.